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Links from my recent talk at Humanity Plus '09

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Maybe this will impress you: I'm on Google Wave (danbmil99, I think)

update 11/27/09:
working at the Stanford Humanities Lab, on sirikata, a BSD-licensed platform for virtual worlds and games
New company in the works, tentative name: Katalabs -- to commercialize the Stanford work
Slated to speak at Humanity+ Summit (Dec 5)

update 2/3/09:
evolving neural networks (with Mike Palmer):
evolved neural robot controllers: simulation
evolved neural robot controllers: real robot
This work was presented at Gecco '09. Preprint:

older stuff:
ACM paper with Ed Fredkin preprint here
EPR paper from Hackers

ok it's a few years ago, but I'm still this handsome

contact: dan at squiggle.com

some neat simulation stuff:

This is a movie of my 'Legdan', clone of Steve Hassenplug's Legway, with my own custom distance sensor, made from a pen flashlight, a standard lego sensor, and a lens from one of those disposable cameras:

I spent my formative years playing music and working as a recording engineer in New York City. After working with artists such as Chaka Khan, Queen Latifah, and De La Soul, I started a company to develop software and hardware for music production. My second company, On2 Technologies (AMEX:ONT), developed compression algorithms and streaming media software. Recently, I've been working as a Faculty Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University (West Coast Campus), where my areas of interest include nanoscale computing, cellular automata, and the application of artificial intelligence to software design.

(And most of all, Robotics!) like this: ROBOCAMP

Fawlty Towers, our recent home

The millers have done moved into their beautiful, restored (and updated) Eichler in Palo Alto. The previous owners, Dan Shurman and Bonnie Johnson, spent 12 years fixing this place up, and it looks beautiful.

We just put in a massive play structure for Braxton. It contains 25 tons of sand from the treacherous beaches of upper Purim, at a cost of... well, it's just ridiculous.

new work: digital physics, digital philosophy

old work: On2

music: New Soul Orchestra

music:Mike's new record (great!)

open source: Xiph multimedia/Theora codec

Curriculum Vitae (old)